Soybean Weed Control

by Joe | Published April 28, 2016

Pre emerge herbicides are the key to clean soybean fields this year. Hopefully, 2016 bean fields were treated last fall and are still fairly clean. Now is the time to start pre emerge herbicide applications for this growing season.
A big key is to plant into clean fields. Burndown treatments will include 24D, glyphosate, dicamba (30 day wait) and Sharpen as needed. Sharpen is a very good product for burndown of emerged water hemp and palmer amaranth control.
For pre emerge weed control on soil less than 6.8 PH, use 4 oz Authority XL and 1.5 oz Zidua. If this treatment works the way it should, the glyphosate will only be a clean up pass post emerge. On soil higher than 6.8 PH, use 4 oz Authority First and 1.5 oz Zidua. Authority works best as a pre plant, and will need to be applied before the soybeans emerge. For best results, apply the pre emerge treatment 10 days before planting.
If the soybeans emerge before the pre emerge herbicide is applied, the treatment will change. Use 1.5 oz Zidua and 3 pints of Warrant. These products will not harm the beans and there are no PH restrictions.
Once again, timely treatments before the weeds emerge, or post treatments to small weeds will work much better than trying to kill larger weeds.

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