Soybean Weed Management

by Joe | Published April 30, 2016

We are at the time of year when we will be trying to control emerged water hemp and palmer amaranth prior to soybean planting. Sharpen and Sharpen products will greatly aid in the burndown effort.
Many of the burndown applications will include 24D, glyphosate, Sharpen and Authority XL (for residual control). Use 20 gallons of water with good pressure and always use MSO with Sharpen in the mix.
Newly emerged corn has a lot of weeds coming also. Prior to the corn reaching 6″ tall, 6-8 oz Dicamba can really help the broadleaf control, along with a glyphosate application. Status should be used with glyphosate after the corn is 4″ tall, but before the corn is 36″ tall. Controlling smaller weeds is much more effective than spraying larger weeds. Use 15 gallons of water and good pressure to get good coverage.

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