Marketing 101A

by Joe | Published January 13, 2021

Forward Marketing 101A
Determine your acres. Multiply the acres by your APH, or proven yield. Multiply this number by .70, or 70%. Divide this number by 4.
Make 4 offers on corn, [ more ]

Taking Action

by Joe | Published May 27, 2020

Noah could just have predicted rain and a big flood, but he built an ark!  This was action well worth his effort.  If all he had done was to predict [ more ]

Covid 19

by Joe | Published April 16, 2020

Some simple things about Covid 19.  We will get through this, even if we have some pain.
On a continuing basis, we need to take some basic, relatively simple steps.  Wear [ more ]

Marketing 101

by Joe | Published September 27, 2019

The corn farmer has two very important jobs.  Job number one is to raise corn for $3.00/bu, all expenses included.  Job number two is to sell this corn for $4.00/bushel.  [ more ]

Stock Market Crash

by Joe | Published February 6, 2019

*Markets average one 14% annual decline
*Daily dips of 2% or more occur about 5 times/year
*Every 5 years or so, markets decline more than 30%
*Markets rise 3 out of 4 years
*Over [ more ]

Marketing Awareness

by Joe | Published October 10, 2018

Corn and soybeans are both carry markets.  The deferred months are trading at good premiums compared to the nearby futures contracts.  2018 cash corn bid is $3.23, new crop 2019 [ more ]


by Joe | Published September 18, 2018

In 1960, the national corn yield was 52 bushels per acre.  In 2018, the corn yield is estimated at 178.4 bushels per acre.  In 1960, the national soybean yield was [ more ]

Summer 2018

by Joe | Published July 11, 2018

We are in the midst of a local drought. This seems to be foremost on producer’s minds.
Producers who are proactive and good marketers have new crop sales on at good [ more ]


by Joe | Published January 18, 2018

Successful producers are people who can make a decision.  They do the research, do the homework, and make a decision.  But we all screw up and make bad decisions sometimes.  [ more ]


by Joe | Published November 28, 2017

I would propose that December is a good time to formulate a marketing plan for 2018.
To start the plan, take your anticipated planted acres times your APH. Take that number [ more ]

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