Covid 19

by Joe | Published April 16, 2020

Some simple things about Covid 19.  We will get through this, even if we have some pain.

On a continuing basis, we need to take some basic, relatively simple steps.  Wear a mask.  Wash your hands.  Avoid unnecessary socialization.  Leave extra space at the store.  Keep school canceled.  Try to sequester elders.  We could do all these things and still live our lives.  A vaccine is about 12-18 months away.  Good treatments for Covid are much closer.  The medical community is learning what works well, and what does not work well.

The stock market and commodity markets are painful right now.  They may get worse.  But they have been painful before and we still get through these times.

When the apostles were in the boat with Jesus and a storm came up, they were taught to trust in Him!  And we are certainly are in stormy times.

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