by Joe | Published January 18, 2018

Successful producers are people who can make a decision.  They do the research, do the homework, and make a decision.  But we all screw up and make bad decisions sometimes.  But the successful producers are quick to react and fix the bad decision they made.  The ability to make a decision rationally helps producers in all facets of their operations.  Good marketing means making good decisions, even if they are not at the top of the market.

Good grain marketers:

1.  Control emotions.

2.  Know their cost of production.

3.  Tailor their plan to sell at a profit.  The good marketer is always looking forward for pricing opportunities.

4.  Make decisions based on profit, not price.

5.  Have a written marketing plan.  This plan is subject to occasional revision, but not constant second guessing.  They know how many bushels they produce and they try to market these bushels.

January is a good time to develop a marketing plan.  Make your marketing plan now and act on it.

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