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Marketing 101A

Forward Marketing 101A Determine your acres. Multiply the acres by your APH, or proven yield. Multiply this number by .70, […]

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Taking Action

Noah could just have predicted rain and a big flood, but he built an ark!  This was action well worth […]

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Covid 19

Some simple things about Covid 19.  We will get through this, even if we have some pain. On a continuing […]

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Marketing 101

The corn farmer has two very important jobs.  Job number one is to raise corn for $3.00/bu, all expenses included.  […]

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Stock Market Crash

*Markets average one 14% annual decline *Daily dips of 2% or more occur about 5 times/year *Every 5 years or […]

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Marketing Awareness

Corn and soybeans are both carry markets.  The deferred months are trading at good premiums compared to the nearby futures […]

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In 1960, the national corn yield was 52 bushels per acre.  In 2018, the corn yield is estimated at 178.4 […]

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Summer 2018

We are in the midst of a local drought. This seems to be foremost on producer’s minds. Producers who are […]

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Successful producers are people who can make a decision.  They do the research, do the homework, and make a decision.  […]

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I would propose that December is a good time to formulate a marketing plan for 2018. To start the plan, […]

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