340 E 13th Street  |  PO Box 1205
Junction City, KS 66441
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With 2,350,000 bushels of grain storage on site, Geary Grain is capable of buying and storing your grain during harvest or any other time of the year. Grain can be sold Monday through Friday 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Grain bids are available by email or text. Call to get signed up.

Custom Crop Application
Geary Grain owns and operates spray machines to apply both fertilizer and chemical to area crops. Application can be scheduled by calling into the office or by coming in. All customer maps are stored digitally to locate and process orders quickly.

Geary Grain sells corn, milo, wheat and soybean seed in a number of varieties. Please contact David Prosch to discuss sales as well as seed treatment options.

Fertilizer and Fertilizer Delivery
Geary Grain offers bulk fertilizer delivery as well as customer pick-up. Both dry and liquid fertilizers with custom mixes are offered. Nurse trailers and dry spreaders are available for rent. Anhydrous ammonia is also offered.

Geary Grain sells a variety of feeds including but not limited to cattle, poultry, horse, bird seed, and pet feed. A wide selection of mineral is also available.

Agronomy services offered include soil sampling, yield estimating, fertilizer recommendations, chemical prescriptions, and general farming practices advice.

Consumer Products
Geary Grain offers a number of lawn care products including bagged fertilizer mixes, weed and feed fertilizers, and chemicals for weeds in grass. We have a premium fescue lawn grass, MVP 5. We have chemicals available for weed and brush control, as well as chemicals for bare ground areas such as parking lots and driveways.