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Joe Hund grew up in Paxico, KS on a dairy farm. He has been owner and manager of Geary Grain, Inc since 1980. He and his wife Connie live in Paxico, KS. They have four children and nine grandchildren.

Geary Grain, Inc. was incorporated on June 1, 1978 by David Hund, a farmer from Paxico, and his step-son, Ralph Ebert, and David’s son, Joe Hund, both also from Paxico.  The company purchased the Mid Continent elevator in Junction City and opened for wheat harvest in 1978.

Ralph Ebert was the original manager.  Geary Grain was in the grain business, at that time mainly receiving and storing wheat and grain sorghum.  Dry fertilizer and bagged feed were the only other items offered.

Joe Hund took over as manager on December 1, 1980 as Ralph Ebert left the company.

In 1985, Geary Grain bought a floater and entered the liquid fertilizer and custom application business.

In 1986, Geary Grain bought the Morrison Grain elevator in Junction City.  Along with the grain business, the anhydrous ammonia plant and dry fertilizer custom application were added to Geary Grain.

In 1990, a receiving leg was added to the original Geary Grain elevator to double the receiving capacity of the elevator.  In 1994, the liquid fertilizer and ag chemical facility was built, giving a much needed increase in storage and handling capabilities.

In 2002, Joe Hund bought out David’s interest in Geary Grain.  Joe, and his wife, Connie, became sole owners of Geary Grain.

Corn and soybean production greatly increased in Geary County in the late 1990s, creating a need for bigger storage facilities and faster handling capabilities.  In 2004, Geary Grain built a new dry fertilizer storage and handling facility.  In 2005, Geary Grain built a large UAN storage tank.  In 2006, a McPherson grain storage tank was added, and in 2010 another McPherson tank along with a new receiving leg was added to the facility. Another McPherson concrete tank was added in 2016 bringing licensed capacity to 2,350,000 bushels.

Today, Geary Grain offers a variety of services in the grain, fertilizer, seed, and agricultural chemical areas.  Geary Grain has a modern fleet of application machines with up to date features, trucks to deliver liquid and dry fertilizer, liquid nurse trailers and double and triple cone trailers for farmers to use, pull type dry fertilizer spreaders, and anhydrous ammonia trailers. 

Geary Grain has a number of long time employees.  There is a companywide focus on being able to recommend and apply fertilizer and chemicals on a timely basis.  Grain marketing education of the producer is another goal of Geary Grain.  Geary Grain hopes to continue to expand its business in the upcoming years.