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Fall Alfalfa Weevil

Fall is the best time to start next year’s alfalfa weevil program. Alfalfa should be sprayed between October 15 and November 11 with 11.75 oz of Stallion. This treatment reduces the number of eggs laid in the fall. This in turn allows the alfalfa to green up quicker in the spring and have a lower level of infestation in the spring. The alfalfa will still need to be sprayed in the spring, but the fall treatment is be the first step in a much better first cutting of alfalfa.
Fall spraying of alfalfa has been shown to reduce the weevil numbers from 3-7 per stem in the spring, down to 1 weevil per stem. This also allows a later spring application for weevil control. A later application will provide better control and hopefully a good first cutting.

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